Wheel Tech

Plus Size Wheels and Tires

Plus sizing your wheels and tires improves your vehicle's performance and appearance, by allowing fitment of larger diameter rims and lower profile tires. When upgrading your vehicles wheels and tires it is imperative to keep the outside rolling diameter very close to that of OEM. That can only be achieved by matching the correct larger size wheel with a lower profile tire, hence the concept of plus sizing. Correct choice of wheel and tire enable you to achieve a great look with a larger wheel and better performance with a lower profile tire with less sidewall, which will allow for better handling.

The most popular plus sizing are:
Plus Zero: This method utilizes the same rim diameter as OE, but incorporates a tire with a larger than OE section width and smaller than OE aspect ratio. Note that this may require a replacement rim to maintain proper rim width for the new tire.
Plus One: This method utilizes a one-inch larger diameter rim, in conjunction with a tire of a one-step lower aspect ratio.
Plus Two: This method utilizes a two-inch larger diameter rim, in conjunction with a tire of a two-step lower aspect ratio.