Continental tires Continental ExtremeContact DWS
U.L.Q.G. Rating

ExtremeContact DWS
Available Sizes and Prices
195/50ZR16 ZR 84W $129.8 Qty:
205/55ZR16 ZR 91W $139.7 Qty:
205/50ZR16 ZR 87W $146.3 Qty:
205/45ZR16 ZR 83W $145.2 Qty:
215/55ZR16 ZR 93W $147.4 Qty:
225/55ZR16 ZR 95W $147.4 Qty:
225/50ZR16 ZR 92W $145.2 Qty:
205/50ZR17 ZR 93W $173.8 Qty:
205/45ZR17 ZR 88W $156.2 Qty:
215/55ZR17 ZR 94W $173.8 Qty:
215/50ZR17 ZR 95W $172.7 Qty:
215/45ZR17 ZR 91W $154 Qty:
225/50ZR17 ZR 94W $178.2 Qty:
225/45ZR17 ZR 91W $171.6 Qty:
235/55ZR17 ZR 99W $192.5 Qty:
235/50ZR17 ZR 96W $201.3 Qty:
235/45ZR17 ZR 94W $178.2 Qty:
245/50ZR17 ZR 99W $206.8 Qty:
245/45ZR17 ZR 95W $182.6 Qty:
245/40ZR17 ZR 91W $189.2 Qty:
255/45ZR17 ZR 98W $206.8 Qty:
255/40ZR17 ZR 94W $180.4 Qty:
275/40ZR17 ZR 98W $206.8 Qty:
215/45ZR18 ZR 93Y $191.4 Qty:
215/40ZR18 ZR 89Y $181.5 Qty:
215/35ZR18 ZR 84Y $168.3 Qty:
225/45ZR18 ZR 91Y $204.6 Qty:
225/40ZR18 ZR 92Y $192.5 Qty:
235/55ZR18 ZR 100W $231 Qty:
235/50ZR18 ZR 97W $242 Qty:
235/45ZR18 ZR 98Y $239.8 Qty:
235/40ZR18 ZR 91Y $212.3 Qty:
235/35ZR18 ZR 86Y $161.7 Qty:
245/45ZR18 ZR 96Y $238.7 Qty:
245/40ZR18 ZR 93Y $221.1 Qty:
255/55ZR18 ZR 109W $250.8 Qty:
255/45ZR18 ZR 103Y $251.9 Qty:
255/40ZR18 ZR 99Y $264 Qty:
255/35ZR18 ZR 90Y $280.5 Qty:
265/40ZR18 ZR 101Y $278.3 Qty:
265/35ZR18 ZR 97Y $282.7 Qty:
275/40ZR18 ZR 99Y $272.8 Qty:
275/35ZR18 ZR 95Y $293.7 Qty:
285/35ZR18 ZR 101Y $300.3 Qty:
285/30ZR18 ZR 93Y $275 Qty:
295/35ZR18 ZR 99Y $287.1 Qty:
215/35ZR19 ZR 85Y $194.7 Qty:
225/40ZR19 ZR 93Y $232.1 Qty:
225/35ZR19 ZR 88Y $231 Qty:
235/35ZR19 ZR 91Y $246.4 Qty:
245/45ZR19 ZR 98Y $258.5 Qty:
245/40ZR19 ZR 94Y $276.1 Qty:
245/35ZR19 ZR 93Y $260.7 Qty:
255/50ZR19 ZR 107W $273.9 Qty:
255/35ZR19 ZR 96Y $281.6 Qty:
265/30ZR19 ZR 93Y $277.2 Qty:
275/45ZR19 ZR 108W $301.4 Qty:
275/40ZR19 ZR 101Y $297 Qty:
275/35ZR19 ZR 100Y $300.3 Qty:
275/30ZR19 ZR 96Y $291.5 Qty:
285/35ZR19 ZR 99Y $321.2 Qty:
285/30ZR19 ZR 98Y $303.6 Qty:
295/30ZR19 ZR 100Y $299.2 Qty:
225/35ZR20 ZR 90Y $196.9 Qty:
225/30ZR20 ZR 85Y $189.2 Qty:
235/30ZR20 ZR 88Y $229.9 Qty:
245/45ZR20 ZR 99W $302.5 Qty:
245/40ZR20 ZR 99Y $315.7 Qty:
245/35ZR20 ZR 95Y $242 Qty:
245/30ZR20 ZR 90Y $273.9 Qty:
255/45ZR20 ZR 105W $275 Qty:
255/35ZR20 ZR 97Z $231 Qty:
265/35ZR20 ZR 99Y $290.4 Qty:
265/30ZR20 ZR 94Y $251.9 Qty:
275/40ZR20 ZR 106W $311.3 Qty:
275/35ZR20 ZR 102Y $314.6 Qty:
275/30ZR20 ZR 97Y $291.5 Qty:
285/30ZR20 ZR 99Y $302.5 Qty:
285/30ZR20 ZR 99Z $305.8 Qty:
295/40ZR20 ZR 110W $301.4 Qty:
315/35ZR20 ZR 110W $312.4 Qty:
235/30ZR22 ZR 90Y $280.5 Qty:
245/30ZR22 ZR 92Y $299.2 Qty:
255/35ZR22 ZR 99Y $272.8 Qty:
265/30ZR22 ZR 97Y $325.6 Qty:
285/30ZR22 ZR 101Y $323.4 Qty:
295/25ZR22 ZR 97Y $354.2 Qty:
255/30ZR24 ZR 97W $341 Qty:

Tire specials marked in yellow.

Key: BL=Black Letter; OWL=Outlined White Letter; RWL=Raised White Letter; WW=White Wall
C,D,E,SL, and XL are load ratings