Continental tires Continental CrossContact LX20
U.L.Q.G. Rating

CrossContact LX20
Available Sizes and Prices
215/70R16 R 100S $154 Qty:
225/70R16 R 103S $156.2 Qty:
235/75R16 R 108S $160.6 Qty:
235/70R16 R 106T $166.1 Qty:
235/65R16 R 103T $165 Qty:
245/75R16 R 111S $169.4 Qty:
245/70R16 R 107S $167.2 Qty:
255/65R16 R 109S $177.1 Qty:
265/75R16 R 116T $189.2 Qty:
265/70R16 R 112S $185.9 Qty:
225/65R17 R 102T $173.8 Qty:
235/65R17 R 108T $185.9 Qty:
235/65R17 R 108H $184.8 Qty:
245/70R17 R 110S $195.8 Qty:
245/65R17 R 107T $201.3 Qty:
255/65R17 R 110S $198 Qty:
265/70R17 R 115T $190.3 Qty:
265/70R17 R 115T $190.3 Qty:
265/65R17 R 112T $200.2 Qty:
265/65R17 R 112T $203.5 Qty:
275/60R17 R 110S $198 Qty:
235/65R18 R 106T $207.9 Qty:
235/60R18 R 107H $201.3 Qty:
245/60R18 R 105T $214.5 Qty:
255/70R18 R 113T $220 Qty:
255/65R18 R 111S $215.6 Qty:
255/55R18 R 109H $237.6 Qty:
265/70R18 R 116S $214.5 Qty:
265/65R18 R 114S $220 Qty:
265/60R18 R 110T $216.7 Qty:
275/65R18 R 116T $234.3 Qty:
275/60R18 R 113H $233.2 Qty:
255/50R19 R 107H $245.3 Qty:
275/60R20 R 115S $229.9 Qty:
275/55R20 R 117S $226.6 Qty:
285/50R20 R 112H $210.1 Qty:

Tire specials marked in yellow.

Key: BL=Black Letter; OWL=Outlined White Letter; RWL=Raised White Letter; WW=White Wall
C,D,E,SL, and XL are load ratings