Wheel Tech

Color Matched Custom Wheels

Custom wheels can make a big difference in a car, truck or SUV. They offer improved handling and a beautiful appearance. Because of this, auto enthusiasts have been upgrading to custom wheels for years, replacing basic steel wheels and hubcaps on their vehicle to set them apart from others and to provide a smoother ride.

Most Custom wheel manufacturers offer chrome, aluminum and alloy wheels in their inventories. They also have been offering custom wheels in colors such as the very popular silver along with bronze, gun metal, gold, anthracite, white, black and gray.

The custom wheels industry is growing and as it grows it gives you more and more choices including the hottest trend in the market today, custom painted wheels or color matched custom wheels. Several manufacturers of custom wheels offer now color matched custom wheels in two toning or color and chrome. These custom wheels have a color matched center and a chrome or machined lip. These manufacturers and others, offer custom wheels with removable insets on the spokes that are intended to be custom painted to match the vehicles color or any other color you choose. Some custom wheels are offered with small color matched center caps.

The most popular of the color matched custom wheels are rims that are painted or powdered coated to match the color of a vehicle. In this case the entire wheel is painted or powdered coated. Color matched custom wheels can be ordered from Victoria Tire & Wheel. Just give us your vehicles color code and we will have your wheels painted prior to shipment.