Tire Tech

Tire Mounting

For the proper mounting of tires, some basic precautions should be observed:
1. Wheel is securely seated on the hub face.
2. All lugs have proper torque.
3. There is no buildup of dirt between the hub and wheel.
4. The wheel is not bent.
5. Both tire beads are securely seated on the rim.
6. Custom or alloy wheels require an increased level of care over steel wheels.

During the mounting process, proper lubrication is a must
Lubricate both top and bottom beads with an approved tire lubricant. If the beads do not seat at 40 psi, break the entire assembly down and re-lubricate the bead areas.

Observe match-mounting procedures
Proper tire and wheel assembly balancing is important. Improperly balanced tire and wheel package assemblies will cause a vehicle not operate in a comfortable manner. Improperly balanced tires & wheels assemblies also cause abnormal treadwear patterns.