Yokohama tires Yokohama GEOLANDER ATS
Image of Yokohama GEOLANDER ATS tire
Yokohama Geolander ATS is based on the outstanding legacy of the powerhouse Geolandar light truck tire line.The new A/T-S pushes the performance boundaries on and off the pavement. Tested in the most tortuous terrain, proven on roads around the globe, this tire has the guts to take on the world and the grit to go the distance. For rugged performance, long-lived durability and riding comfort, it'll take you almost anywhere.
Four straight grooves
Dual 3-D Rattlesnake sipes
Pyramid design
Zigzag configuration
Beveled block edges
Multistep Tread Technology
U.L.Q.G. Rating

Available Sizes and Prices
LT245/75R16 R 120/116R $181.5 Qty:
31X10.50R15 R 109S $170.5 Qty:
215/70R16 R 100S $130.9 Qty:
LT315/70R17 R 121/118R $266.2 Qty:
LT265/75R16 R 119/116R $177.1 Qty:
LT285/75R16 R 122/119R $210.1 Qty:
265/70R15 R 112S $149.6 Qty:
LT235/75R15 R 104/101S $144.1 Qty:
30X9.50R15 R 104S $148.5 Qty:
LT235/85R16 R 120/116R $170.5 Qty:
P265/70R16 R 111S $160.6 Qty:
LT265/70R17 R 121/118R $215.6 Qty:
P235/75R15 R 108S $126.5 Qty:
P245/70R16 R 106S $150.7 Qty:
P265/70R17 R 113S $166.1 Qty:
P255/70R16 R 109S $151.8 Qty:
P235/70R16 R 107S $139.7 Qty:
275/70R16 R 114S $172.7 Qty:
255/65R16 R 109H $149.6 Qty:
LT225/75R16 R 110/107D $160.6 Qty:
LT215/85R16 R 110/107R $166.1 Qty:
265/65R17 R 112H $173.8 Qty:
235/65R17 R 108H $154 Qty:
275/65R17 R 115H $196.9 Qty:
LT315/75R16 R 121R $243.1 Qty:
255/65R17 R 110H $166.1 Qty:
LT245/70R17 R 119/116R $188.1 Qty:
245/65R17 R 107H $161.7 Qty:
LT265/75R16 R 123/120R $192.5 Qty:
33X12.50R15 R 108S $200.2 Qty:
225/70R16 R 102H $138.6 Qty:
P275/60R17 R 110S $188.1 Qty:
LT275/65R18 R 113/110S $232.1 Qty:
P235/70R17 R 108S $160.6 Qty:
P255/70R17 R 110S $173.8 Qty:
265/60R18 R 110H $192.5 Qty:
275/60R18 R 112H $204.6 Qty:
P265/70R18 R 114S $190.3 Qty:
275/55R20 R 117S $213.4 Qty:
275/60R20 R 115S $245.3 Qty:
305/50R20 R 120S $279.4 Qty:
LT285/70R17 R 112/118R $234.3 Qty:
LT235/80R17 R 120/117R $198 Qty:
LT245/75R17 R 121/118R $205.7 Qty:
LT275/65R18 R 123/120R $251.9 Qty:
285/60R18 R 116H $218.9 Qty:
LT325/60R20 R 121/118R $389.4 Qty:
305/45R20 R 112H $290.4 Qty:
225/55R18 R 98H $199.1 Qty:
235/60R16 R 100H $149.6 Qty:
215/60R16 R 95H $137.5 Qty:
225/60R17 R 99H $172.7 Qty:
215/60R17 R 96H $170.5 Qty:
215/65R16 R 98H $134.2 Qty:
225/65R17 R 102H $166.1 Qty:
285/65R17 R 116H $222.2 Qty:
LT285/65R18 R 121/118R $279.4 Qty:
205/70R15 R 96S $112.2 Qty:
P235/70R15 R 102S $139.7 Qty:
P225/70R15 R 100S $127.6 Qty:
215/70R15 R 98S $111.1 Qty:
225/70R17 R 108T $162.8 Qty:
LT215/75R15 R 100/97S $135.3 Qty:
32X11.50R15 R 113SC $190.3 Qty:
37X12.50R17 R 124R $357.5 Qty:
37X12.50R18 R 123 $376.2 Qty:
37X12.50R20 R 120R $446.6 Qty:

Tire specials marked in yellow.

Key: BL=Black Letter; OWL=Outlined White Letter; RWL=Raised White Letter; WW=White Wall
C,D,E,SL, and XL are load ratings