[/return] ls in place) clean - T to delete zip file first if it exists, F (default) to append new files to existing zip file skip - space-delimited list of files and folders to skip Output: Return value - butTrue or butFalse butError - error message if there was a problem Calling conventions: [if [butZip [butZip root=[tBatchPath]&files=[tFileListName]&zipfile=[tZipPath]archive.zip]][then] good [/then][else] bad - [butError] [/else][/if] == butZip == ------------------------------------- == bup`bDbDPdPd fields in global text variables Input: db - Path to the database to search param - Parameters for the search fields - List of fields to save (optional, assumes all fields in db) prefix - Prefix for text variables saved (optional, assumes none) notfound - T to create empty variables when no record found, F to report error Output: Returns butTrue if successful Global variables set butError - error message on failure or on multiple found records Calling conventb `D0th/to/my.db¶m=[url]eqskudatarq=ABC[/url]]][then] record loaded [/then][else] Failed: [butError] [/else][/if] == butLoadRecord == ------------------------------------- == butFedExLink == Link to FedEx tracking page for the given [tN6Pg] [/else][/if] [/else][/if] [/else][/if] [/hideif][/listchars] [/else][/if] [/hideif] [return][tReply][/return] tById('selectModel').style.display='block'; }">[if "[url][tModel][/url]"=""][then][countchars][tNumber][/countchars])][then] [text]tDone=[butTrue][/text] [/then][/if] [/then][else] [if ("[url][ch][/url]"<"0") | ("[url][ch][/url]">"9")][then] [text]tReply=[tReply][ch][/text] [/then][else] [text]tReply=[tReply][getchars start=[tNumX]&end=[math][tNumX]+[ch]-1[/math]][tNumber][/getchars][/text] [text]tNumX=[math][tNumX]+[ch][/math][/text] [/else][/if] [/else][/if] [/else][/if] [/hideif][/loop] [/then][else] [listchars chars=[url][tFormat][/url]][hideif